Friday, August 26, 2016

The Change of a Season

My last post was June 8 and the time that has passed since then has been full of every aspect of living.  We've celebrated birthdays, had a funeral, traveled, worked hard in our yard, relaxed in our yard, and took a thousand photos along the way.  Some of those photos will slowly make their way here to fill in that near 3 month gap. 
We're getting ready for harvest now.  The pumpkin patch is an unimaginable size; could nearly be classified as a field. The garden is slowly being cleaned off as the vegetables produce the last of their bounty.  Swathing of the grain has started, and if the weather is even semi-co-operative, combining will not be far behind.  This time of year means unpredictable schedules and a need to be flexible for my husband while at the same time maintaining a strict schedule for my kids as they head back to school.
The picture I chose to feature here is one I took of a dramatic sky on July 6, my 19th wedding anniversary actually, and it was one of those rare skies that leaves a person breathless. The drama I see in this photo reflects well my past three months, and while it was a wonderful time, I am looking forward to the quiet of winter.  I laugh at myself when I say that, because if I look back at my pre-spring posts, I couldn't leave winter behind fast enough!
I am especially looking forward to getting reacquainted with all my blog friends.  I am sure I have missed plenty of wonderful posts.  
I hope you all have had a fantastic summer, and that you enjoy your Fall.


  1. Nice to see an update from you. The sky photo is truly beautiful. Look forward to catching up with everything you have been through this Summer.

  2. So good to hear you have been living life to the full! I had checked in a few times to see if I'd missed post!
    That is a wonderful shot of the clouds & I wish you a successful harvest & fun for fall!

  3. Hello, Lovely sky shot. I love to watch even the dramatic skies. Happy Anniversary to you. I will miss summer, I am not a winter person. Happy weekend!

  4. Dearest, Darling Andrea, I've been missing you so much !

    I also had a break for more than a month and a half, actually I'm back for a week.
    I had to allow myself an 'interlude' firstable for work reasons - the Short Lets I manage here at Tenuta Geremia, the speech about the Empress of Austria I had to prepare and to perform at the conference which was held last Saturday at Madonna di Campiglio, in our Dolomiti, some works of restoration here and the family to join and follow - but I'm so glad to enjoy your Blog again, sweetie, and Happy belated Anniversary, by the way !

    Thank you for this stunning photo leaving me speechless, I'm so very happy to have you by my side again !

    Hope you're having a most beautiful weekend ever, I'm sending blessings to you across the many miles

    Xx Dany

  5. Andrea, you have been missed. I took time off myself, time that was not expected but needed. Your phot is amazing, well all of yours are but this one is magnificent. Take your time as you reenter blogworld, we are here for you when you are ready.


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