Thursday, April 7, 2016


With all the storms moving through here in the past few days, we have had some interesting skies.  Although I'm ready for sunshine, these skies are far better than a washed out grey any day of the week, which is what we have again today.  You would think that my longing for blue skies would steer me towards color photos, but I just loved these in black and white.
An interesting yin yang split.

I love when light, bright, puffy clouds are layered over top of dark, stormy looking ones.

There was so much movement and so many textures.

Clouds can be so majestic.


  1. Hello Andrea, I so enjoyed these magnificent sky/cloud shots. We had heavy rain thru the night and today it is extremely windy. Have a lovely afternoon. xoxo


  2. What stunning skies, I love all your pictures, my darling, furthermore in black and white the clouds of the storms are even more outstanding !

    With much thankfulness I wish you wonderful days to come,
    hope the sunshine will come back soon to brighten the remainder of your week, my wonderful Andrea

    Sending much love


  3. Hello Andrea, lovely series of sky shots. We are having a dreary rainy day today, I am hoping for blue skies tomorrow. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  4. Wow these are incredible. Great shots Andrea. HUG B

  5. Hello Andrea & I hope you are still smiling (I know you are!) in spite of all the snow & storms. Those skies are very dramatic & all the more so in B&W.
    Sending warm cheery hugs!

  6. I love to watch clouds and today we have cold rain and lots dark clouds passing by however quickly

  7. You certainly have had a variety of clouds. We have been ultra sunny with nary a cloud in the sky the past few days.

  8. I like these shots a lot. The skies never fail to provide us with art!

  9. Skies look wonderful in black and white sometimes don't they, yours certainly do!! xx

  10. Beautiful skies, they're very interesting in black and white.

  11. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

  12. These are fantastic and yes they look awesome in black/white. Clouds fascinate me too.


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