Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I really loved the name 'Batty' for our new kitten, but when I saw 'Sooty', I fell in love even more.  When I asked my daughter what she thought about 'Sooty', she almost yelled, "Yes! His name has to be Sooty!".  You see, when Kaitlynn was little, I read a book to her called 'Tinka' by Rainy Delhaney.  It is the sweetest children's story about a tiny sheep, and her friend 'Sooty' the crow.  This little crow is a really goofy little character, and back then, we fell in love with him.  Over time my daughter and I have developed a strong love for crows and their raven cousins. So when I brought up that name, it conjured up all sorts of wonderful memories and images, and so our kitten has been renamed 'Sooty'. 
It took a lot of photos to get one that was clear.  He was zipping around the room so fast, even the videos I
took are mostly of bare floor, that is, bare floor with the occasional black streak going across the screen.

In the two days I have had him, Sooty has become infinitely more confident and playful.  My other two cats are starting to warm up to him, and I am letting them take all the time they need.  But each of them gave him a couple of licks today before deciding to step back and watch him play from a 3 foot distance.  It's a good start to what I am sure will be a cuddly friendship. 
This is Crush, and it is taking him a bit longer than my other cat to warm up to Sooty.  This surprises me, because
he is completely comfortable with our 120lb dog.

This gorgeous little princess is Georgie, and although she is still quite unsure of the new addition, her
curiosity is getting the better of her.


  1. Oh yes, I like Sooty! That's a really cute name :) And I love Georgie's face...she's like, 'what the heck is that thing and is it staying??'

  2. So sweet and precious! I love the name Sooty and think you chose well :) Hugs and blessings!

  3. Sooty is a perfect name, I think this one is going to get into a bit of mischief as he gets older. Glad the other cats are adapting to the new little one.

  4. I do think I like Sooty much better. He's just adorable and so were Crush and Georgie. I bet they will all be fast friends before long. I sure enjoyed meeting them all here today.


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