Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I've been keeping my camera on the kitchen table, ready to go, for the last several days, trying to catch one of these rascals on 'film'.  I never get there in time.  I see them from the sink, move to the window, and by the time I'm in position, they flit off.  They move so fast, it's easy to think they are not wholly of this dimension.
So, this morning, camera (and coffee) in hand, I pulled a chair up to the window, and waited.  Patience soon paid off, as before I could take 2 photos of one, a second little rascal showed up.  There was a bit of a tiff, but they settled on opposite sides, and had their fill.  
I love the sciences, biology in particular.  I'm forever looking up names of plants and birds, interested in their biological classification.  Then doing further research into specifics concerning various feeding/growing habits, origin, etc.  I find it fascinating.  Why then, do you ask, am I not a biologist?  I considered it, but alas, I have not the memory required for it.  A few details about a specific specimen may stick, but most of it is gone moments after I've read it.  
Why the science tangent?  These little critters have an air of magic about them, and no matter how many times science explains their capabilities away, I find myself in awe while watching them.  I hold a similar opinion of bumblebees.

We have had many storms moving through our area, and as such our sunsets have been filled with color and texture.  Vibrant blues, purples and pinks fading across the sky into yet more blues, yellows and even greens.  It is times like this, that I'm glad we don't have a whole lot of trees blocking our view of the skies.


  1. Fantastic photos. I love watching the birds on our bird feeder, I keep a book in the kitchen so I can look them up. I take a lot of photos of wild flowers when we go for a walk so I can look them up when we get back.

  2. They are truly amazing. Great photos.

  3. Beautiful photos, Andrea! Your comment that hummers are "not wholly of this dimension" is so accurate :)

  4. You got great photos of the litte birds.

  5. Andrea- your patience did indeed pay off! You captured some wonderful photos of the hummingbirds. We have enjoyed watching ours as well- they really are amazing.

    Such gorgeous sky photos-- nature is the greatest artist of all:)

    Love vicki


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