Monday, December 30, 2013

A Tolkien Christmas

Although not every gift I received this year was Tolkien related, there was a definite theme.  This 50th anniversary edition of LOTR was definitely the highlight, but under the tree also was Thorin's Map, (yet to be framed), two Hobbit themed notebooks, and the least desirable, but really very funny Adventure slippers.  Yes, they are slippers in the form of Hobbit's feet, and they are dangerously big.  Manageable, but you'd better pay attention to every single step, especially on stairs.
My husband and I are also big "Firefly" fans, so naturally I now have a t-shirt that has a blazing "Shiny" written across the chest.  Continuing with the 'geek' theme, a "rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock" form-fitting t-shirt was also waiting to be tried on.  Everything was a great fit, and I promised to wear it all, (even in public) with exception of the Adventure slippers.  I really don't think they would hold up at all if I did decide to go on an adventure.
My son found me a great pair of much needed oven mitts.  My daughter rustled up a cute, little piggy whisk and 2 mini casserole dishes that I have already imagined a dozen uses for.
On my husband's side of the family, we drew names, and my sister-in-law adopted a polar bear for me.  Alongside that was some fantastic smelling Body Shop products, a weather station, (perfect for someone who is constantly going outside) and a 5 year, memory-a-day journal with a magnificent bejeweled pen.  I have registered my polar bear, and await a photograph.  I can still smell 'Satsuma' on my skin from yesterday's shower.  When it gets above minus 30 degrees, I'll think about setting up my weather station.  And, I seriously cannot wait for January 1st so that I can start a journal that only requires 1 sentence a day, a manageable task, I think.
For now though, before I start all the New Year's Resolutions, (which don't start until all the baking is gone) I'll curl up with a tray of goodies, a cup of tea, and my new book.  A good way to chew up time while the weather is so dangerously cold.


  1. A Tolkien Christmas sounds brilliant--particularly since Peter Jackson has managed to make hobbits synonymous with Christmas. My Christmases are similarly geeky though often they are more comic themed than not. ;-)

  2. Tolkien theme...awesome!! My bro and I took Adam to The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug earlier in December - good as a movie, but too different from the book for my liking. I have a Thorin's map framed (currently up in Adam's room, with Glamdring).


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