Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day Of School

Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Doesn't everyone look happy on the morning of the first day of school?  Look at the faces in this photo.  Even the dog looks depressed.
I must admit to experiencing mixed feelings.  I was looking forward to the peace and quiet of the day.  Todd had left in the morning for his week away, and the kids were off to school.  So I had no one to distract me as I went about the typical day of a housewife.  Weeding the garden, laundry, etc.  But as I was going through these mundane chores, I had a rather uncomfortable feeling come over me.  With my family being scattered, although it was peaceful, I no longer had the safe feeling that comes with us all being under one roof.
I pondered this thought throughout my day, and even ventured out into the future to imagine what it will be like when the kidlets leave home, and go God-knows-where in the world.  There are too many unknown factors, of course, to get an accurate picture of this future, and so feelings about it are unattainable.  I've heard very different stories from people who are going through the empty nest syndrome.  Some seem to find a renewed sense of wonder in their lives.  Others seem so depressed, that they would do anything to have their children home again.   I think most are somewhere in between. 
I imagine myself travelling the world when my kids leave home.  I dream of Scotland, Italy and Greece (in that order), but once again, who's to say?  I've seen what life can do to "plans".
I guess this has to be one of those "let go" moments, and just do whatever seems to come naturally as the time passes.  Today it is the chores of a large yard and garden in the fall, combined with housework and breaks of reading, writing and maybe one of many hobbies will get a little of my attention at some point.

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