Meet Bear!

After losing our German Sheperd, Ginger after Christmas, we started to think about giving another pup a good home.  We found this guy at the SPCA in Saskatoon.
His name was Mega Bear, but we have since shortened his name to Bear.  We were told he is a Rotweiller, German Sheperd cross, but his history is unknown, so it is anyone's guess.  He is between 4 and 5 months old, and is very large for his age.  Hence the name Mega Bear.
He is very lovable, a big teddy bear and he does not like to be separated from his new family. 
I've been doing some training with him everyday, and he is a very quick learner.  A pleasure to work with.
I needed a dog in my life again.  I have several other pets including cats, a lizard and a fish, but nothing compares to the love of a dog.  The enjoyment I get from spending time with this critter is immeasurable.  Whether I'm playing fetch with him, going for a walk, grooming, or just having him lie on my feet while I watch TV, he is the perfect all around companion.  He has only been living with us for a week, and I already cannot imagine life without him.  


  1. Aww Andrea.. what a cute face... yes there is nothing like a dog for companionship.. he is adorable...

  2. Andrea- that picture of Bear is adorable- I can see why you love him so. Good for you for bringing a puppy home from the pound-- he is lucky to be at your home. I'm betting he is going to be your best buddy this summer!

    Thanks for your visit- you always make me smile! Keep watching- those Venice pictures are coming. There are some posted with my latest travel feature writing-- it's at the top of my sidebar.

    Have a great Sunday-- take Bear for a walk!


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