Thursday, January 26, 2012

Celebrate Your Love!

When my day seems dreary, with rain soon to follow.
When the pit of my stomach feels lonely and hollow.
When the plans I have made, seem to turn against me.
Your strong loving arms are a safe place to be.
You let me snuggle, all toasty and warm.
You build me a haven away from life's storm.

          Author Unknown

I put together this little collection in honour of a relationship I could not live without.

Do you have someone wonderful in your life?  Someone you thank your lucky stars for everyday?  I am one of those fortunate people. 
For all the cards, the letters, the dates we've been on, the kisses, the flowers, the hugs, the gifts, the road trips, our home, our family, and for all the promises of a future we have yet to share - Thank-you.


  1. Morning Andrea.. beautiful collection of photos and I love the poem.. Wonderful to be so lucky isn't it? Did you get some of the outdoor varathane for your wood sign? Have a lovely day!

  2. Aww, what a great post! I have my wonderful hubby and son, both of who I'm so very thankful for! I love my "boys"! Great treasury too, you have a great eye. Hope all is well.



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