Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Beautiful, Frosty Morning

Waking up to snow on Sunday morning was nice, but waking up to a thick hoar frost this morning was wonderful.
Before Halloween was over the leaves had already lost their colour for some time, and all that was left for cheeriness out there was the bright orange of the jack o' lanterns.  But with the freezing nights and the warm days, they quickly rot and I had to haul the seventy or so personalities to the compost pile.  A sad moment indeed, and I already find myself looking forward to next year and searching out seeds for different varieties to grow. 
Anyway, back to the snow, and the overnight change in seasons which put me in a very surreal and calm place.  With the yardwork done for the next five months, (minus the snow removal), I feel like I can really get back into my  hobbies. 
Cooking and baking bring a new satisfaction and eating those preserves I worked so hard on through late summer is now paying off.  Throughout the spring, summer and early fall, I was beginning to wonder if I would ever find the time to make jewelry again, and already I have created several new pieces and have been able to put some much needed energy into my wee Etsy shop.  Even reading a book is far more enjoyable for me, when I can curl up on the couch with a blanket.  Going out for a short walk and the simple act of coming into the warmth of my beautiful home creates a feeling of peace and security. 
I cannot imagine a place without the vastly different seasons.  Each one brings it's own sense of wonder and change that is necessary to the health of my mind. 



  1. LOL! Wait 'till February, you will be ready for warmth :)

  2. I love all the changing seasons too. Winter hasn't quite arrived yet in the UK - we've still loads of autumn leaves everywhere but it's very damp and today was quite cold too. Your snowy picture is beautiful - so is that lovely one of your new kitty with her (new) big brother! So sweet.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my latest She-Art xx

  3. We had this, this morning and I had to run outside in my pj's to get the pictures :) Happy New Year, Andrea!

  4. This photo is incredibly beautiful!! I live in So. California so we don't have vastly different seasons. For the most part I like it...until I see a photo like this! I don't like being cold tho, so the occasional trip to the mountains or Oregon holds me over. Seeing this photo makes me long for another trip :)
    Enjoy the winter! I hope all is well.



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