Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Cold Weather Indulgence

I love a scented candle, and the only thing more important than the scent is the jar that it comes in. I won't even pick up a candle to see what it smells like unless it is in a very attractive jar, one that I will eventually repurpose.
I use the jars to store and organize all sorts of things. Bath products, beads, findings, beach finds, and even candy have all found pretty little homes in what was once a candle jar.
The candle in the photo is unique in that it burns a wooden wick. It actually makes a small crackling sound, similar to that of a real fire.
I'm very sensitive to the smells that surround me, and so I always feel more calm when there is a soothing scent in the air. Whether it be from a nice candle or a pot of soup on the stove, the house just feels more like a home when it smells great. But there is something extra soothing about being in the company of a flame. Of course, nothing can beat a campfire or a real fireplace, but since I have access to neither this winter, a simple candle will accompany me nearly everywhere I go in the house - down to the basement to craft or do laundry, upstairs to have a bath, or to the living room to read.


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