Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Fascination

I've always been drawn to pottery. Anytime I go to a farmer's market or craft show, I look for the pottery stands. I almost always walk away with another blue piece for my collection. Over the past 13 years, I've collected mugs, bowls, vases, planters, platters, casseroles, and I even have a gorgeous bundt pan. Recently, I took a pottery class, and gained a very healthy respect for the art. I can now really appreciate just how much time and practice it took to be able to create that beautiful tea pot, or carve those perfect celtic knots. My goal was to create a large vase, like the one in this collection. I didn't come anywhere close. I did manage to come out of the class with with several usable and enjoyable pieces however, most of them blue. I was encouraged to try experiment with other colours, and I did, but those pieces have become gifts for friends.
Pottery is limited only by ones imagination, and while I favoured the wheel, others in the class created stunning hand molded plates, platters, bowls, beads, and little statues. I didn't think to create a pendant or a brooch, but what a wonderful idea. I'll definitely be looking for another class to take in the future, and taking all of these wonderful ideas along for inspiration. In the meantime, I'll continue to browse through Etsy until I come across the piece(s) that I just simply cannot live without, and continue to build my collection. That shouldn't be difficult.


  1. How great that you were able to do something fun for yourself like taking a pottery class! I hope you're able to continue with it - the piece you posted here was lovely!

  2. Andrea, I also can't resist beautiful pottery. I have hearted so many pottery sellers that I would like to revisit for gifts for me! I'm glad you had the chance to enjoy a class for yourself.

  3. I do not have enough coordination to try something like pottery. I guess that is why I garden... no fine motor skill required to dig and instructions never really have to be closely followed. I loved the bowls you posted here.


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